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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The merits of this blog ... Stephanie Nicole Mardin and Howard F. Knight Jr's relative, Kenneth Knight

1 + 1 = 2. And yet Stephanie Nicole Mardin assumes I do not know from what position she came at me from, in her email wordage. Her perspective is, that she advocates from a position of assuming her ancestry has "Abenaki" ... and yet there is no evidence of it, to my awareness, reading webpages, yet she is "entertained" by the likes of the 4 "recognized" groups in Vermont who claim to be "Abenakis". At a year older than myself (47 yrs), Stephanie Nicole Mardin is (in my opinion) a Shake and Bake "Instant Abenaki" of Vermont. And she was upset when Nancy Lecompte pointed her to my blog, because Stephanie Nicole Mardin saw her reflection in this blog! 

Mar 7, 2015
From: Stephanie Nicole Mardin of Middlebury, VT
To: Douglas Lloyd Buchholz
Subject: Your Inflammed BLOGSPOT
I came across your blog while researching Abenaki Tribes and I read for about three days straight. I have no affiliation or membership with any Tribe I am just an independent person looking in from the far outside of a matter that has nothing at all to do with me. [Lie #1. She previously and very recently, previous to sending this email to me, had contacted Nancy Lecompte of Ne-Do-Ba, Inc. ... so Ms. Mardin was directed to my blog by Mrs. Lecompte and Ms. Mardin does in fact, have a vested interest regarding the matters addressed in this blog, because she has had communication(s) with the groups in VT that are State-Recognized now (fraudulently I might add).]

I wanted to let you know that from the perspective of someone such as myself, your blog is so full of hate and rage and hostility that even though you have made some very good arguments I cannot possibly give them credit or subscribe to your reasoning. And I say this without any respect because you don't deserve it and you don't recognize it anyway. [Yet, she read it for 3 days straight?]

You really should clean up your blog, remove emails of other people that you posted only so that you can could attack them, and apologize to everyone you have offended with your inflammatory hateful statements.

One thing that you are not, and never will be, is kind.
Grow an ounce of tact and EVOLVE.
Good luck to you and your poo-poo blog. You will need it.


I have NEVER implied or stated that ANYONE has to read ANYTHING from this blog whatsoever. A person has free-will. They, whomever they are, can enter this blog, read or learn from this blog, as they will (or not). Suffice it to say, that indeed, Ms. "Nicole" Mardin as she introduced herself to me, is a bit deceitful and paranoid in my opinion. She's interested in learning all things "Abenaki" from the "Abenaki" incorporation's of Vermont ... 

Mar 14, 2015 
11:59 PM
From: Kenneth Knight
To: Douglas Lloyd Buchholz
Re: Hello quick question

Wow, I hadn't had time to see that 39 page document you sent me till just now.
I'm floored what information that you have. I can't wait to share that with my sister and mother.
I don't even know how you had found this and the time it took.
I'm so glad I found your blog.
I can't express how thankful I am.

Many thanks,
Kenneth Knight

So, regardless of what the naysayer's SAY or IMPLY about this blog or personally about ME, THERE ARE PEOPLE, that actually appreciate my efforts and work. 

So, Ms. Nicole Mardin, assumed she was right and justified in saying what she did to me in her email. I know she is neither correct or unbiased in her words to me.

Suffice it to say, that I do 'consider the source' nowadays. I don't need to be 'here' working on this blog 24/7, as I have taken my research in another direction, in a 'quieter' way.

I have EVOLVED. 

I evolved so much, that I can detect a Wanabiak from a long ways off. 

I also still smell BS from across the VT/NH river too, and perhaps the Wabanaki Confederacy will too sooner than later, BEFORE it is too late. 

Time will tell ...